metal building

If you seek an environmentally friendly and adaptable construction method for your business, farm, or home, look no further. Construction of metal buildings is on the rise. Prefabricated metal building revenue is projected to exceed 8.2 billion dollars in the U.S. alone by 2022.

This post details the process of building with metal. Read on to see how you can save significant money over traditional building methods.

Find out why metal building is growing in popularity, and get on board with your project today!

Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are typically steel structures with steel frames and cladding.  They are designed for easy installation and long-term use.

Metal buildings have been widely used in commercial businesses and agricultural operations. However, they are gaining in popularity for residential applications as well.

Let’s look at how to start a metal building project.


The first step in your metal building project is to choose a design. There are many standard designs to choose from. However, metal buildings are very adaptable and easy to custom design as well.

The design process for metal buildings is usually simpler than for traditional structures. There are software-based design tools available for metal buildings. These tools can save you money on your project by helping you choose the most efficient design before any work starts.

During the design process, you can identify immediate and future needs for the structure. You can also get a detailed breakdown of the costs. Finally, you can establish a timeline for the construction of your project.


Once you have settled on a design, fabrication of the structure can begin. When you build with metal, most fabrication will be conducted off-site. That allows for greater efficiency and accuracy in the production of metal components.


When the metal building components begin arriving on your site, construction can start quickly. In fact, the construction of a metal structure can be completed at least 30% faster than conventional construction. That is because the parts are manufactured precisely and are easy to put together.

Shorter construction time can result in quicker occupancy and lower financing costs.

Advantages of a Metal Building

Metal buildings are durable and can withstand the elements. They are not susceptible to termites, wood rot, rodents, or mold. This makes metal buildings easier to maintain than traditional construction. It can also result in lower insurance costs.

Metal buildings are easy to insulate, making them more energy-efficient than conventional buildings. Metal roofing can be coated to resist heat. Walls can be insulated with loose-fill, blanket, rigid board, or spray insulation.

Metal structures are environmentally friendly. Today structural steel is recycled at a rate of up to 98%.  There is also less scrap and job site waste when compared to lumber.

Getting Started with your Metal Building

Now that you have some practical guidance for your first metal building, it’s time to consult a professional. Schaus-Vorhies Companies has been in the contracting business since 1986.

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