Industrial Metal Cleaning

Sometimes the best way to prevent a downtime situation is by making sure you keep things clean. Industrial metal cleaning can get complex and cause an injury. Keep on reading to learn why you should use a professional metal cleaning company.

Industrial Metal Cleaning

Metal cleaning is a process that could keep organizations from having to shut down. When maintenance gets kept up, the parts used will break down less often. Part of routine maintenance needs to be cleaning your metal.

When you use a metal cleaning service, you get professionals who know how to remove paint, dust, and other particles from metal parts. Production stays more efficient with parts that stay clean.

Cleaning Services

Keeping metal clean involves using a fluidized bed of sand. That gets accomplished by injecting a mixture of air and natural gas into the mass. As it rises, the sand becomes fluidized.

Fluidization is the process of suspending solid particles from the bottom up. These particles flow into a fluid stream. That fluid gets sent to the metal.

The heated sand cleans the metal by rubbing against the surface. That process is slow and gentle so that it does not damage the metal. After the metal gets cleaned, it gets washed to remove any debris that got left behind.

Using a Metal Cleaning Company

When you hire a company for metal cleaning services, you want to make sure it is a reputable one. Since the process of metal cleaning gets complex, you want to use a company people have reviewed. Verified testimonials go a long way to show you’re using an honest company.

You need to know the process they use for their metal cleaning services. You may not understand every aspect, but you will want to stay informed on how they do things. That will keep you involved in the process and make sure you know how long it will take.

Safety Issues

There are some safety issues involved with metal cleaning. You don’t want anyone doing it who does not know how the exact process should work.

Metal fume fever happens when you breathe in aluminum or have contact with it. Aluminum is a type of metal, so getting that type of fever could give you the same symptoms you get with the flu. You might get a metallic taste in your mouth, along with chest tightness and severe body aches.

Hot sand gets used to clean the metal. That could cause severe burn injuries if it touches the skin. A professional metal cleaning company will have tools for protection and know to take safety precautions.

Commercial Metal Cleaning

Businesses use industrial metal cleaning services to keep operations running well. Services include cleaning screws, molds, parts restoration, and more. We can remove metal paint and mold sand.

If you want something better for the environment, we can use a neutral rust remover. The de-rust remover uses a phosphonic acid solution.

We offer safe industrial metal cleaning for your metal operation. Contact us today to find out how our process is the most effective one you will find!