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Painting your industrial equipment is the best way to ensure it lasts a long time.   We have compiled this list of five reasons you should hire professional painting contractors.   Below we’re going to cover how a paint job will make it look newer, improve service life, prevent corrosion, and make regular maintenance easier than ever.

1. Painting Contractors Make Your Equipment Look New

Hiring professional industrial painters for your equipment will keep it looking newer. This is especially important if you regularly give clients a tour of your facilities.

You’ll want them to see clean and efficient equipment. This enhances their trust in you and boosts your brand.

Our company’s typical applications include stadium lighting, agricultural equipment, fitness equipment, hotel lights, industrial plant projects, and more. We also handle everything from heavy-duty powder coating to media blast finishes.

2. Long-Lasting, Weather-Proof Paint Protects Your Investment

Purchasing industrial equipment is a huge investment. If you’re spending all of that money on heavy machinery, you’ll want to protect that investment and make sure it lasts as long as possible

A metal painting company can weatherize your equipment against acidic rain, UV rays, seaside air, or any moisture that could damage your investment.

In most cases, quality paint can last for years, but that all depends on your facility’s conditions

3. Industrial Painting Contractors – Prevents Rust or Corrosion

Corroded machinery, buildings, or equipment cost American companies around $7 billion a year.

Where does that amount come from?

  • Scraping corroded equipment to buy new
  • Paying for extra maintenance
  • Indirect losses like leakages or explosions

Paint your heavy machinery to prevent corrosion from happening in the first place.

4. Increase Your Equipment’s Service Life With Industrial Level Paints

A piece of equipment’s typical finish will break down after two or three years. This is why you need to hire a professional industrial painter to keep up with it.

Not only will it look better in your factory, but maintaining the finish will extend the service life of your equipment. Getting a few extra years out of your machinery could be the difference between a profit or loss.

Sooner or later you’ll have to invest in new equipment. Painting your equipment will ensure it lasts as long as possible. It’s the responsible thing to do.

5. Regular Equipment Maintenance Is Easier When Painted

Besides making your machinery last longer, industrial painting makes it easy to keep up on maintenance.

For one, the paint will prevent corrosion or rust from natural elements like water or salty air. A clean finish also makes it easy to clean off oil or grease build-up.

You can also use pressure washers or water cannons on your machinery without worry about damage from abrasion.

Hire an Industrial Painting Company

We hope after reading this article you understand the importance of hiring painting contractors for your equipment. Doing this will protect your investment, make it last longer, and ultimately improve your return on investment.

Do you need your industrial equipment painted? Contact us now with a brief description of your machinery to get started.