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Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing (SVM) strives to provide only the highest quality products to our clients. We manage to do this consistently across a variety of industries. SVM builds everything from structural steel to prefabricated buildings to decorative railings. Let’s take some time to look closer at some of what the dedicated professionals at SVM have to offer and SVM services. In this post, we’ll be focusing on our top of the line crane rail systems.

When most people think of cranes, they tend to think of the kind of crane they saw in books when they were children—large vehicles with tracks or heavy wheels and extendable booms sporting a large hook dangling from the end. If someone is from a larger city, they’ll be familiar with the large cranes used to construct skyscrapers. These cranes are not unlike their wheeled cousins, except they rest atop what looks like a giant erector set.

There are many other varieties, however. Overhead cranes handle much of the heavy lifting inside most industrial facilities, from factories to power plants. These can be small, locally operated units designed only to handle a couple of thousand pounds. Such cranes might be used to change a filter or move some barrels up a floor or two. Others might be designed to handle tens of thousands of pounds. These monstrosities are meant to move heavy machineries, like a turbine or a massive moisture separator in a power plant, and can be operated either from a control booth or via remote control.

Despite their impressive capacity, these are not the biggest cranes in use. For that, you need to go to the shipyards. There you will find cranes that are several stories tall and are used to build aircraft carriers, cruise ships, and the giant freighters that brave the world’s oceans, hauling everything from oil to shoes.

What all of these overhead cranes, from the relatively tiny barrel lifters to the giants of the shipyards, have in common is that they run on a rail system. These rails have to be durable, safe, and able to handle whatever load is demanded of them every single time. These rails don’t just support the weight; they support the crane and load together. And the crane has to be supported all the time, whether it’s being used or not. This involves not just the rails, but the bolting, the safety stops, electrical systems, and the structural integrity of the building they are mounted in. Or how much weight the ground can support in the case of the shipyard cranes. There is no margin for error. Just one failure on the part of a crane rail system can lead to catastrophic consequences for our clients and their employees.

That is why SVM takes every job seriously. We design our rail systems to handle everything that our clients plan on throwing at them and more. Once developed, they go through our manufacturing process adhering to our strict processes and controls and are not allowed to leave the factory floor until we are confident that they will perform better than expected for as long as it is needed. We also install our rail systems with the same care. From design to manufacture to installation, the professional men and women of SVM work to ensure that our crane rail systems won’t just get the job done, they’ll do it safely and efficiently every time. After all, it isn’t just our reputation on the line; it’s the reputation of our clients, the equipment in their facilities, and, most importantly of all, the lives of their employees.

Because we take our job seriously, we also service our crane rail systems. We’ll send out trained and certified technicians to perform regular preventative maintenance as well as to repair any issues that might arise. From our engineers in the design phase to the welders and machinists in our factory to our service technicians working in the field, SVM will make sure that you have the highest quality, most reliable crane rails systems that money can buy.

SVM services apply this same level of dedication and quality to all our manufacturing and SVM services. If you need sheet metal, fabrication of custom components, or even entire buildings manufactured to your specifications, SVM has the equipment, the expertise, and the people to get the job done.