commercial contracting project

When most people hear the word “rigging”, they equate it to how things work on a sailboat. Rigging is the use of chains, cables, and tops to adjust the position of a sailboat.

When you’re talking about rigging services or rig service companies in reference to construction projects, it means the equipment, tools, and machines used for carrying materials.

Rigging is just one of the ways to make things run more efficiently on a project.

If you’re trying to find the best way to build up your general or commercial contracting project, rig services may help. What else do you need to be successful? Stick with us to learn the steps to take to succeed.

Planning and Preparation – Commercial Contracting Project

This first step can make or break your project. If you want to be successful, you have to lay the groundwork. What’s your budget? Do the drawings look complete and precise? Do you need clarification on any aspects of the project before getting started?

Set up your deadlines and goals for each phase of the project. Collaborate with others on the team to make sure you’re on the same page and everyone is clear on their responsibilities.

Surveys and Pre-Construction

Conduct surveys of the site and begin pre-construction. Start with a materials list and get it out to your vendors. Make sure you have permits and meet insurance requirements and have researched any unexpected environmental hazards that might inhibit the project.

Line Up Materials, Equipment, and Subcontractors

What materials do you need to begin? How many laborers do you need to hire? What equipment do you need to get from your yard?

Draw up your purchase orders. Begin the hiring process and request the transfer of equipment to the job site.

Begin Construction – Commercial Contracting Project

Depending on the project, you’ll probably start with grading and excavation if not site conditioning. The construction manager oversees the construction and monitors each aspect of construction with the help of a superintendent and foreman for example.

Post Construction Duties

When the project is near completion, a punch list is created to outline any revisions to make to meet the specifications and turn the project over for final inspection.

Once the project is deemed complete, it gets a certificate of completion. Turning over a well-done project shows that you are committed to offering the best contracting services.

Do You Need Rigging Services for Your Project?

Now that you know the steps to a successful contracting project, are you ready to put those steps into practice? Plan ahead, hire the right people and put the proper tools in place to create a business that will grow and succeed.

When you find yourself in need of quality rigging services for projects like plant relocation, erecting buildings, equipment moving, heavy haul, and fragile projects, you can count on us. We at Schaus-Vorhies Companies have over 30 years of experience in commercial, industrial, residential construction, and handling your contracting project.

Contact us today to see how we can make your next project better.