Schaus-Vorhies Companies

The Schaus-Vorhies companies are a diverse group of companies that can take care of your construction needs from start to finish, from design to construction and subsequent maintenance. Let’s walk through a construction project and get an overview of the many ways the Schaus-Vorhies Companies can help take your idea and make it a reality.

Let’s take as our example someone who wants to build their own manufacturing facility. We’ll call it New Fangled Manufacturing (NFM). The first step would be the representative from NFM calling our contracting company to discuss the facility’s design. NFM would like a new manufacturing facility that is a low cost, easy to construct, and as energy-efficient as possible. After some conversation, our design engineer and NFM decide on a building based on a pre-fabricated metal structure, with several custom modifications. The structure allows for high efficiency, south-facing windows to allow for heating in the colder months, and plenty of natural lighting in the office areas of the building. To help keep the heat in and the sound out, sound-proofing insulation will be used to separate the offices from the manufacturing floor.

The frame itself will be a two-story facility and constructed by Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing. While researching contractors, NFM has learned that our manufacturing plant is powered by a solar array located on-site, and has decided that it was a model they wanted to emulate. Our contracting division would then make the necessary arrangements to ensure that NFM would get the most efficient panels for their use, helping them achieve their goal of a net-zero carbon footprint.

To save money on the start-up, NFM has purchased a lot of used and discounted manufacturing equipment. It saved them a lot of money, but it still needs to be refurbished before being used. Fortunately, Schaus-Vorhies Kleaning (SVK) has precisely the services needed to make that happen. With our fluidized sand bed, we can clean any machinery and tooling required, removing old paint, grease, and other chemicals. The process works by heating the sand to the point that it starts to undergo convection to gently rub the metal or other surface completely clean of all impurities. Of course, if there are elements that don’t necessarily need the deep cleaning provided by the fluidized sand method, we can simply sandblast the material to remove old paint and rust.

Once the material is cleaned, we can send it over to another Schaus-Vorhies company, Paint-Line Inc. (PLI). PLI specializes in industrial painting and providing a protective coating to machinery. PLI has a full line of industrial-grade coatings, from nano-ceramic coatings that form the most protective outer shell available to high-temperature paints that will withstand the intense use of a high-end manufacturing facility, such as the one being planned by NFM.

While all that machinery and tooling is getting refurbished at SVK and PLI, Schaus-Vorhies Contracting (SVC) starts to put NFM’s new, high-efficiency manufacturing facility together. Our expert fabricators, riggers, maintenance, and other construction personnel quickly erect the building’s frame while another team is installing the south-facing solar panel in the nearby field.

NFM will also have its own septic system and water treatment facility on site. Fortunately, Schaus-Vorhies Water Treatment (SVW) can help here. Rather than the expensive and inefficient pumps and filters of a typical treatment system, SVW has a variety of Micro-bubble diffusion systems. These work by agitating the water near the surface, introducing thousands of tiny, oxygen-infused bubbles. These bubbles promote the growth of bacteria that will reduce the amount of waste that needs to be processed out through the drain field, reducing the amount of pumping and other maintenance that will need to be done, saving NFM money.

Finally, the project is complete. Thanks to the solar panels, high-efficiency heating, and cooling systems, and other innovations, NFM has a new manufacturing plant that operates at a very low cost. Thanks to SVM’s ability to customize prefabricated metal structures and SVK and PLI’s combined ability to refurbish old equipment, material costs are also low. By partnering with the Schaus-Vorhies Companies, New Fangled Manufacturing will recoup its costs and turn a true profit in no time.