prefabricated metal buildings

Custom Fabricated Buildings - Part 2

Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing (SVM) provides many excellent services. We offer first-rate, professional welding, wrought iron railings, crane rail systems, and several others. Currently, we are focusing on our customized, prefabricated metal…
Custom Fabricated Buildings

Custom Fabricated Buildings - Part 1

There are many services provided by Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing (SVM). Among them are our custom fabricated buildings. Custom fabricated buildings have been around ever since cast iron became recognized as an excellent building material.…
Schaus-Vorhies Companies

Shaus-Vorhies Companies - The Whole Package

The Schaus-Vorhies companies are a diverse group of companies that can take care of your construction needs from start to finish, from design to construction and subsequent maintenance. Let's walk through a construction project and get an overview…
Micro-bubble Agitation

Industries that benefit from micro-bubble agitation (restaurants)

There are many different ways to approach cleaning up biological waste. Many of them involve intense chemical treatments and/or complex systems of pumps and filters. Those methods indeed work, but they are expensive, high maintenance and themselves…
Welding Safety

Welding And Fabrication Safety - Pt.2

Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing (SVM) prides itself on being a leader in the manufacturing and industrial fabrication business. We provide quality products with a full range of services, building everything from crane rail systems to entire custom-made…
Welding And Fabrication

Welding And Fabrication - Pt.1

Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing (SVM) has the capability to manufacture and fabricate nearly anything you could possibly need for your business. From durable and straightforward construction steel to beautifully intricate custom railings, we can…
Fluidized Sand Bed

Why Is Metal Cleaning Important - Pt.2

Ensuring that your machinery is clean is essential to any industry. Excess rust, chemical residue, or built-up oil and grease can be significant problems for everyone, from auto manufacturers to meat processing plants. Such unwanted impurities…
Metal Cleaning

Why Is Metal Cleaning Important?

The Schaus-Vorhies companies include metal cleaning amongst our array of services. We boast several methods of cleaning, from brute force sandblasting to our fluidized sand method enabling users to meet your needs whatever they may be. But why…
Positive Working Environment

LEED Pt.4 - Community Value

LEED certification comes with many benefits. When you work with Schaus-Vorhies Contracting to design and build your LEED-certified structure, you will have lower energy costs, a better living, and a positive working environment, and fill your…
Positive Living Benefits

LEED Pt.3 - Public Benefit

We have spent a fair amount of time recently discussing some of the benefits of contracting with Schaus-Vorhies Contracting to achieve LEED certification for your structure. Whether it is a home or a multi-story office building, LEED certification…