prefabricated metal buildings

Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing (SVM) provides many excellent services. We offer first-rate, professional welding, wrought iron railings, crane rail systems, and several others. Currently, we are focusing on our customized, prefabricated metal buildings and their many uses. Our highly customizable modular kits are perfect for one to two-story commercial and residential buildings. They allow for countless applications, limited only by the imagination of the client.

Last time, we focused on the humble pre-fabricated metal pole barn and how these simple structures can be used to store equipment to a four-bedroom family home. Now that we have some idea of our prefabricated metal buildings great versatility let’s think of a few more ways these kinds of structures are used every day.

Aircraft hangers: Airports need a place to put their planes, and pre-fab metal buildings are perfect. They are simple and can easily provide large spaces to store several small planes or one big one depending on the individual need. That’s where the modular construction comes in handy. A hangar can be made longer or taller just by adding a few beams to the kit. Hangars can also be quickly converted into training facilities for aspiring pilots and skydivers.

Mechanic shops: Auto mechanics need a space that is versatile and easy to maintain. After all, their job is to maintain vehicles, not buildings. The metal construction allows for a minimum of maintenance to the building itself while allowing for power and lighting to be easily routed to wherever it will be most useful. Tool storage can be easily built into the walls. Rolling doors large enough for any vehicle that might be serviced can easily be integrated into the design. The modular aspect of pre-fab buildings is especially useful here as well. You can order a kit just big enough for the family car or even a full big rig with a trailer attached. It’s also easy to use an additional kit to expand your operation if you so desire later on.

Sheds and carports: If your needs are more residential in nature, prefabricated metal buildings are still an excellent option. Your custom kit will come with all the material pre-cut, which saves you time and reduces the number of tools that you’ll need to get the job done. It’s a great solution whether you need a small garden shed, a place to work on or store your project car, or just a simple workshop detached from the house where the kids won’t get into your tools. You can also get creative and combine your shed and carport into one unit or build it off your barn.

Gyms/Fitness Centers: There doesn’t need to be a whole lot to most gyms, making prefabricated metal buildings an excellent, low-cost option for a new building. Even for a large two-story facility, the metal construction provides plenty of strength and stability to hold all the heavy treadmills, free weights, and machines needed to get people into your facility. We can also design additional facilities for various sports such as indoor basketball and racquetball courts, soccer arenas, and even swimming pools.

It would be easy to keep going with this list. The possible uses for prefabricated metal buildings are endless. They are easy to design, manufacture, ship, and assemble virtually anywhere. Many have recognized the inherent advantages of these structures. Yet, you may be wondering why every business doesn’t look like a metal square or rectangle if so many start with the same basic structure. That is the beauty of pre-fab construction. It is highly customizable. That applies not just to the basic frame construction but also to the many ways it can be finished. Taking gyms as an example, they can be a simple pole-barn setup, if you are mostly interested in attracting those who are already in to working out a lot and just want a space to lift weights. If you are interested in bringing in people trying to fulfill a new year’s resolution, or who just prefer a more comfortable space, it might be wise to finish it with a stone façade and some quality landscaping. You may also want to attract passersby’s attention with the layout and equipment, which means customizing your structure with a lot of large windows in the front.

Whatever your particular needs, we at Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing can meet them. Give us a call, and we can get started on your custom structure today.