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Positive Public Relations – LEED Part 2

Schaus-Vorhies Contracting prides itself on helping build structures that meet LEED standards for energy use and environmentally-friendly construction. We’ve applied these principles to our own operations, adjusting our manufacturing facilities, and installing solar panels to reduce our environmental impact.

Schaus-Vorhies recognizes that meeting LEED standards involves higher upfront costs that can appear daunting. However, we are committed to such standards because, in the end, it is worth it. Of course, reducing our usage of non-renewable resources is, in itself, a good thing. Still, the benefits extend into more practical concerns as well.

Last time, we looked at the fact that LEED construction will typically result in much lower resource usage and, therefore, lower utility bills. Over time, LEED standards pay for themselves. Yet, there are other upsides to using Schaus-Vorhies to make sure your new project will be granted a LEED certification.

Positive Public relations is one of these additional benefits. Conforming your new structure to LEED standards can often result in positive public relations, especially if your structure is the first of its kind in your area or industry. The positives stemming from this coverage will depend on the type of structure you are building. If you are building an apartment building, the LEED features are likely to quickly attract professionals who are willing and able to pay a higher rate of rent. Such renters are eager to live in a place that carries the LEED label and the cleaner, more state of the art living standards that it implies. In short, you will attract reliable tenants who want to live in precisely the kind of place that you have built, and you will do so quickly.

This works for office or multi-use buildings as well. Many businesses are eager to work with others who have a demonstrated commitment to conserving natural resources. That LEED certification is something that these businesses actively seek out. By renting or buying space in a LEED-certified building, those businesses are also demonstrating a commitment to sustainable operations. That commitment will, in turn, draw clients to their doors. Even when such businesses charge more due to having to spend more money to remain consistent with their goals, their clients are more than happy to pay it. As with an apartment complex, businesses will be eager to rent your space for office and retail use. That means, once again, that your space will fill quickly with tenants that are eager to work with a company like yours. Just don’t forget to pass on some of those savings in utilities onto them.

What if you are building a production facility? Or a dedicated design studio? How do a little bit of positive public relations and good press coverage help you then? It helps you in much the same way it helps the owner of a LEED office building. Many companies specifically seek out contractors who have gone above and beyond in promoting sustainability. That little bit of press coverage you received when you broke ground and when you officially opened your doors for the first time is something that never dies, especially in the age of the internet. As potential clients are searching for others to work with, they will see the LEED certification on your website or on your building as well as the link to the newspaper or local TV news story, and you will move farther up the list of potential partners. That is sure to result in more clients finding their way to you, which helps your bottom line.

The manufacturing division at Schaus-Vorhies has experienced this first hand. When we had solar panels installed at our manufacturing facility in Iowa, we greatly increased our reputation as a company dedicated to putting our principles of sustainability into practice. Rather than just pretty words in a mission statement, we took action and spent time and money that improved our facility and made clear that we were willing to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. This has helped our business relationships with other companies that have a desire to promote sustainability.

When you work with Schaus-Vorhies Contracting to design and build your LEED-certified structure, you’re getting not just top of the line service and products, but a reputation as a company that doesn’t just want to make money but also wants to set an example for others to follow in making the world a little bit better.