Micro-Bubble Diffusion

Schaus-Vorhies Water Treatment is committed to providing the very best water treatment services. This is why we use Micro-Bubble Diffusion (MBD) to treat wastewater systems. This method promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that breaks down waste of various kinds by adding the oxygen those bacteria need to grow and multiply into the waste system. It does this using a fraction of the space and energy of the older positive pressure method. It also does it far more efficiently, adding up to significant savings for our clients. So what are some of the applications our clients use our MBD units? Let’s take a look.

Septic Tanks: Our 2HP units are small and efficient, making them perfect for use in septic tanks, especially commercial and industrial facilities that require multiple tanks and drain fields. You can drop one of our MBD units in each septic tank and let it do its job. The bacteria it helps grow will break down a large portion of the waste – even the solids – which will help keep your sump pumps functioning smoothly. Naturally, that reduces maintenance, which in turn reduces cost. By breaking down most of the waste while it is still inside the tank, the life of the drain field is also considerably extended. There is also the added benefit that when the septic pumps send waste to the drain field, the resultant odor won’t be nearly as noticeable thanks to the bacteria. Finally, that means the first sign of the tanks getting cleaned or serviced will be when you notice the truck from the septic company rather than the odor from the other end of the parking lot.

Aquaculture: Aquaculture is the process by which aquatic life is farmed for various reasons. It’s mostly used to grow fish for food in fish hatcheries that can be found near rivers and lakes in many places in the United States. Shrimp and various crustaceans are also grown for this purpose. Ornamental fish are even grown in aquaculture facilities to eventually find their way into aquariums and fish tanks all over the world. Many aquatic plants and algae are grown in these facilities as well. It’s become so common that aquaculture has far surpassed fishing and now accounts for over half of all aquatic organisms harvested around the world.

As one might imagine, there are some downsides to farming aquatic life. Since there are necessarily a large number of them in a smaller than normal area in order to promote breeding and protect the crop from predators, there is the problem of waste to deal with. Left untreated, this can actually cause a problem for the fish long-term. This could be addressed by the positive pressure method of introducing oxygen into the system, but the agitation of the water necessary for the technique to work harms the fish crop. SVW’s MBD units allow the natural bacteria to treat the water without disrupting crop production.

Industrial Agriculture: In the plain states and the west especially, there are massive farms raising thousands of livestock, growing it to be sent to grocery stores and fast food joints everywhere. As with aquaculture described above, this usually involves a large number of animals, such as cows and pigs, in a relatively small area. The waste that results is usually collected in large lagoons that left alone, wind up being detrimental to the surrounding environment, not to mention making it very unpleasant to work there due to all the odors produced. With our MBD units, those lagoons can be treated simply and efficiently, removing all the harmful concentrated waste and the odors. The result is a much safer and more pleasant place to work.

Schaus-Vorhies Water Treatment is proud to offer Micro-Bubble Diffusion water treatment to our clients. It has proven to not only be a low-cost alternative to more traditional methods but a better one. Its efficiency, simplicity, small size and low operating costs make them a replacement rather than a supplement. Finding use in fish hatcheries, commercial farms, and septic tanks large and small, as well as other applications, MBD has proven to be a worthwhile investment for our clients. Contact us and let us combine our excellent service along with our top of the line equipment to meet your waste treatment needs.