Micro-bubble Agitation

There are many different ways to approach cleaning up biological waste. Many of them involve intense chemical treatments and/or complex systems of pumps and filters. Those methods indeed work, but they are expensive, high maintenance and themselves cause damage to the local environment. Oxygen infusion, also known as Micro-bubble diffusion (MBD for short), or  Micro-bubble Agitation is cheaper, incredibly low maintenance, and beneficial for the environment. We’ve looked in the past at how exactly this method works to promote the growth of bacteria that consume various waste products. We’ve also looked at how MBD is used in cleaning septic tanks, highly-populated ponds of fish farms, and of course, the incredibly dirty waste lagoons associated with industrial cattle farms. However, that represents only a handful of the many applications that MBD units can be used for. Let’s spend some time looking at a few more.

Restaurants: Restaurants of all kinds generate waste, especially grease. This is true of small-family owned restaurants, giant chains, steakhouses, and even those that focus on serving the healthiest food you could imagine. That grease gets funneled down into grease traps, tanks, and treatment facilities, sometimes along with food and other waste, depending on the specifics of a given establishment’s geography and local codes. All of those options can and will experience backups and pump failures that are costly to deal with and can result in unpleasant odors wafting through the restaurant. No one wants that. Not the workers, the customers, and certainly not the owner. A strategically placed MBD unit can help keep those traps and treatment facilities clean by encouraging the bacteria that will eat away all that waste and prevent any problems like the smell of old and rotting grease from developing in the first place.

RV Parks: This is a subset of the septic tank application. Those parks with loads of recreational vehicles have septic hookups for all of those RVs. On a busy holiday weekend, let’s just say there is a lot of need for one or two of our Micro-bubble Agitation units. An RV park that equips its septic system with our low-maintenance MBD units will find itself much better able to cope with the significant issues that can come with the increased traffic of a holiday weekend or local event that draws in the crowds. Instead of having to pay a premium to make sure the septic tanks are pumped before and after the weekend, the park owners can rest easy knowing that those friendly bacteria are eating away at all the solids and reducing the harmful waste in the liquids as well, allowing things to flow freely through the drain field.

Mechanic Shops: A large mechanic shop (such as at your local car dealership) generates plenty of its own oil and grease. It will generally be collected into individual containers. Still, they have to be dumped somewhere. Since chances are they aren’t allowed just to flush it down the drain it’ll have to be collected in special tanks for treatment or to be shipped off elsewhere for proper disposal. Those costs can be minimized by using MBD units to break down some of the elements in that waste, reducing the frequency of calls to get those tanks pumped.

Truck Stops: The truck stop is the ultimate synthesis of all of the above points. A fully equipped truck stop will have one or more places to eat, septic hookups, mechanic shops, shower facilities, and more. The septic and treatment tanks of such facilities are under constant strain. Just think of the restaurants. They will certainly not be the healthiest places on the planet. Either fast food for the proverbial greasy spoon (or both), creates all kinds of opportunities to use a Schaus-Vorhies MBD system. A truck stop that installs our MBD equipment in their various systems is sure to save a significant amount of time and money over the equipment’s life.

Again, these are just a few of the possible applications and industries that can benefit from our Micro-bubble agitation technology. If you wonder if our systems are right for you and your business, call Schaus-Vorhies Water Treatment and help you find the best solution today.