industrial painting services

Do you know how industrial painting services differ from commercial or residential painting?

You’re probably most familiar with residential painting, especially if you’ve successfully completed several DIY home painting projects. As for commercial painting, it’s easy to guess what jobs it covers since the name is pretty self-explanatory. For example, paint jobs for restaurants, stores, office buildings, and more all fall under commercial painting.

So what exactly does an industrial painter do, and how do you go about hiring the best industrial painting service in your area? Let’s briefly talk about what a typical industrial painting project entails. Then, we’ll go over some tips for hiring the right industrial painter for your business needs.

First Things First: What Does Industrial Painting Cover?

If you check the Bureau of Labor Statistics website for industrial painters, you won’t find them listed as such. Instead, you’ll see Painters, Construction and Maintenance. This is quite apt since a lot of industrial painters work in those sectors.

Simply put, industrial painting involves the application of paint, varnishes, and other coatings to various materials and surfaces, including automotive parts, electrical components, etc.

Top Tips for Evaluating Industrial Painting Services

Now that you know the basics of industrial painting, let’s move on to what you should keep in mind when hiring an industrial painting partner. Here are 3 things to look for when looking for the best industrial painting service in your area.

1. Experience

A quick online search should give you a lot of business names to contact, but don’t rush the process. Make sure to find out whether the industrial painting company you’re considering has enough experience. They should know the challenges unique to your industry.

It’s better to work with an industrial paint company that has a diverse portfolio. This means they’ve worked for multiple industries. And they will not have any problems working with your business even as your company grows.

2. Quality of Service

Of course, it’s never okay to go over budget, but don’t let price be your only criterion for choosing an industrial painter. Consider the value you’ll be getting for services rendered.

Any reliable industrial painting company will be open to discussing your project requirements. They will also be ready to offer cost-effective solutions.

3. Reputation

The best industrial painting companies don’t even need to advertise their services. They’ll have a roster of clients who wouldn’t think twice about recommending them to their friends and colleagues.

But if this is your first time to hire an industrial painting company, you can check out online reviews. You can also ask the painters on your shortlist to provide you with references.

Need an Industrial Painting Expert?

Now that you know more about industrial painting, plus some tips on how to hire the best contractor in your area, are you ready to start your project?

Let us make your search easier. As specialists in industrial painting, as well as metal finishing for manufacturers and assemblers, we’d love to help you complete your painting project.

For more information, feel free to contact us, so we can talk about your industrial painting requirements in detail.