fluidized sand heating bed

If your company’s industrial metal components are in desperate need of a cleaning, a fluidized sand heating bed may be the solution. A fluidized sand bed is one of the most cutting-edge industrial metal cleaning technologies on the market.

More and more businesses in the industrial sector are turning to the use of fluidized sand heating beds to clean and maintain their industrial metal components. But what exactly is this type of heating bed and how does it work?

What Is a Fluidized Sand Heating Bed?

Watching a fluidized sand heating bed in action is truly an awe-inspiring experience.  The flash of explosions rapidly combusting excess gas exaggerates the sand’s liquid movements.

The loud background hiss of the machine-in-action drowns out all other noise. The machine resembles a giant rectangular pit full of bubbling sand and fire.

An observer of the process is totally immersed in the otherworldly scene. Who would think an industrial machine could be so entertaining to watch in action?

The heating bed uses a combination of heat and aluminum oxide sand to clean even the dirtiest of industrial metals. But how does it work specifically?

How it Works

Learning how a heating bed works is the first integral step to deciding if it is the best fit for your company’s industrial metal cleaning needs. The process that a fluidized sand heating bed uses to clean soiled metal components is rather complicated.

During the process, aluminum oxide sand is used. This is because aluminum oxide is very thermally resistant and has a melting point of close to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

First, the operator places 21 tons of heated sand into the bottom of a rotating bed. Next, they inject air and natural gas into the heating bed causing the sand to liquefy and bubble upward rapidly.

At this point, the operator introduces the dirty metal components, which the sand gently scrubs clean. Any dirt or organic materials are vaporized from the surface of the metal and thermally degraded. All excess gases from the process combust on the surface.

Why Use a Fluidized Sand Heating Bed?

Using a fluidized sand heating bed to clean your company’s soiled industrial components has a host of benefits. Overall, it is by far the most efficient way to clean industrial metal.

It works faster than chemical treatments and is less corrosive to the components themselves. During the cleaning, the metal is never exposed to open flame or damaged by the heated sand due to its slow introduction to the bed.

A cycle takes an hour or less and the size of the machine allows for a high volume cleaning. The machine requires little maintenance, is environmentally friendly, and is completely safe.

Clean Your Company’s Dirty Metal

Don’t let grease and grime ruin your company’s metal hardware and negatively impact your bottom line. Contact a professional to get your dirty industrial metal components cleaned in a fluidized sand heating bed.

After all, keeping your industrial components clean keeps allows your company to maintain a safe, healthy, and efficient business-standard. Don’t delay any longer, schedule your cleaning today!