Micro-bubble Agitation

Industries that benefit from micro-bubble agitation (restaurants)

There are many different ways to approach cleaning up biological waste. Many of them involve intense chemical treatments and/or complex systems of pumps and filters. Those methods indeed work, but they are expensive, high maintenance and themselves…

Micro-Bubble Diffusion Solution

Micro-Bubble Diffusion Solution Schaus-Vorhies Companies serve many industries in a variety of ways. In each of our companies, we are committed to making use of the best available technologies to provide the highest quality and most cost-efficient…
Micro-Bubble Diffusion

Micro-Bubble Diffusion

Schaus-Vorhies Water Treatment is committed to providing the very best water treatment services. This is why we use Micro-Bubble Diffusion (MBD) to treat wastewater systems. This method promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that breaks…