industrial painting services

How to Hire the Best Industrial Painting

Do you know how industrial painting services differ from commercial or residential painting? You're probably most familiar with residential painting, especially if you've successfully completed several DIY home painting projects. As for commercial…
industrial manufacturing

The Best Industrial Manufacturing Resources: An Ultimate Guide

The manufacturing industry is, to say it frankly, massive. In 2020, it's projected that manufacturing is worth $4.7 trillion dollars globally. There's no surprise that the market is down 22.7%, considering COVID-19 and the various lockdowns…
metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication Finish and Paint

There are many companies within the Schaus-Vorhies family. We cover contracting, water treatment, metal cleaning, fabrication, and more. Lately, in these posts, we’ve been focusing on the manufacturing (SVM) side of things. Yet, many projects…
powder coating

Powder Coating

When most people think of painting, they imagine a bucket and a brush. Or perhaps they think back to the time they donned a respirator, a Tyvek suit, and climbed a ladder with a paint sprayer strapped to their back to revitalize the old house.…