Metal Fabrication Service

Reasons To Hire a Professional Metal Fabrication Service Company

Are you searching for a metal fabrication service? With the metal fabrication market thriving, it’s not that difficult to find a reputable company. If your project has special requirements, they can help fulfill them. However, working with…
industrial fabrication types

What Are the Different Types of Industrial Fabrication?

What do mining cars that head underground and rockets that shoot into space have in common? They come to life thanks to different types of industrial fabrication. Our world is built out of pieces that have to fit together precisely and stand…
custom metal fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication: Know Your Options

Iowa's economy continues to recover. You want to put your business in the best position possible. Are you ready for growth?  If you're in one of the many industries that rely on metal parts, tools, and components, custom metal fabrication can…
industrial fabrication

The Means of Production: 7 Uses for Industrial Fabrication

Metal fabrication is one of the most diverse manufacturing crafts. It's widely used in any industry that requires hard tools or equipment. That's a lot of industries to consider.  Wondering how they're all connected by fabrication? Keep reading…
midwest steel

A Guide to the Best Midwest Steel Fabrication Companies

When you're in need of any sort of metal fabrication, you'll need to check around for professional service that'll help you. Midwest Steel fabrication use is expected to experience growth of 7% over the next few years. When you need sheet…
machinist tools

The Machinist and Machining Tools 101

Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing (SVM) takes on several unique, custom projects. These projects are designed and constructed from the ground up. Usually, the projects require parts we have to make and assemble on site. That calls for not only top-notch…
metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication Finish and Paint

There are many companies within the Schaus-Vorhies family. We cover contracting, water treatment, metal cleaning, fabrication, and more. Lately, in these posts, we’ve been focusing on the manufacturing (SVM) side of things. Yet, many projects…
custom railing

Custom Railing Fabrication – Part 2

Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing (SVM) prides itself on manufacturing only the highest quality products. Our fabricators, machinists, and engineers create the best that you can find anywhere from systems designed for heavy-duty industrial use to…
custom metal railings

Custom Metal Railings And Stairwell Fabrication

Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing (SVM) provides a great many services to our clients. We can do everything from putting together a crane rail system supporting a crane capable of picking the heaviest loads, to designing and constructing the housing…
History of Welding

The History of Welding And Fabrication

Throughout history, welding, in its simplest form, has been around for more than two thousand years. Archeologists have found evidence of pressure welded gold boxes dating back at least that far. The Egyptians figured out how to weld iron by…