metal buildings

5 Perks of Buying Pre-Made Metal Buildings

If you're on the fence about buying a pre-made metal building, you should know the benefits that come with getting one. These pre-built metal buildings are not going away. The market for modular construction could reach $157 billion in the next…
commercial contracting project

Steps to a Successful Commercial or General Contracting Project

When most people hear the word "rigging", they equate it to how things work on a sailboat. Rigging is the use of chains, cables, and tops to adjust the position of a sailboat. When you're talking about rigging services or rig service companies…
metal building

Your Guide to Starting a Metal Building Project

If you seek an environmentally friendly and adaptable construction method for your business, farm, or home, look no further. Construction of metal buildings is on the rise. Prefabricated metal building revenue is projected to exceed 8.2 billion…
commercial contractor

3 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Contractor in Iowa

When you own a small business, you put everything you have into it. It is the lifeblood that feeds you and your family. If you're like most small business owners, you work at least 40 to 60 hours a week making sure your company is thriving. Therefore,…
Schaus-Vorhies Companies

Shaus-Vorhies Companies – The Whole Package

The Schaus-Vorhies companies are a diverse group of companies that can take care of your construction needs from start to finish, from design to construction and subsequent maintenance. Let's walk through a construction project and get an overview…
Positive Working Environment

LEED Pt.4 – Community Value

LEED certification comes with many benefits. When you work with Schaus-Vorhies Contracting to design and build your LEED-certified structure, you will have lower energy costs, a better living, and a positive working environment, and fill your…
Positive Living Benefits

LEED Pt.3 – Public Benefit

We have spent a fair amount of time recently discussing some of the benefits of contracting with Schaus-Vorhies Contracting to achieve LEED certification for your structure. Whether it is a home or a multi-story office building, LEED certification…
positive public relations

LEED Pt.2 – Committed to Sustainability

Positive Public Relations - LEED Part 2 Schaus-Vorhies Contracting prides itself on helping build structures that meet LEED standards for energy use and environmentally-friendly construction. We've applied these principles to our own operations,…

Schaus-Vorhies – Leadership In Energy And Environmental Design (LEED)

Schaus-Vorhies - Leadership In Energy And Environmental Design (LEED) Among the many services provided by the Schaus-Vorhies Companies is General Contracting. We can design and build buildings for every kind of client, from large commercial…

Cambridge Investment Research Construction Buildings 1 & 2

Schaus Vorhies Construction is proud to have managed the construction of the Cambridge Investment Research Building.   This project has been award LEED certification and is an inspiration to companies everywhere.  More details on their certification…