wastewater treatment

The global water treatment systems market is valued at $23.8 billion.  Wastewater can cause potential harm to humans and the environment. It might also attract hefty fines and charges at court when your firm is found guilty of discharging dirty water to the public.  A wastewater treatment system can minimize these health and financial risks.

But how do you pick the right wastewater treatment service? The answer to this question can be complicated and depends on multiple factors.  This article has simplified those factors for better understanding. Please read them to choose the right wastewater treatment system for your firm.

1. The Wastwater Treatment Characterization

You should know the characterization of your plants’ wastewater first before you find a treatment facility. Wastewater contains different contaminants depending on the things you process in the plant. You should know of the impurities included in the water first to get the right service.

Alternatively, you can call your preferred wastewater treatment firm to examine your wastewater. Here are some essential issues to address when determining the content of your wastewater:

Do you process any food substances which might leave the water with grease and other oils?

Do you deal with metals that might contaminate the water with iron and other metal particles?

These concerns will help you get the right water treatment system. Don’t hesitate to mention them to the treatment firm.

2. The Type of Wastewater Treatment Service

Wastewater treatment firms use different systems depending on the type of waste they are dealing with and the plant’s preferences. Since the treatment options are many, you should understand them to make an informed decision.

The waste treatment methods fall into three main categories: primary level, secondary, and tertiary level. The primary level is the simplest waste removal method that involves septic tanks and composting toilets to separate liquids and solids.

Secondary treatment involves the use of biological and chemical methods to disinfect the liquids. Such strategies include the aerated water treatment systems which use chlorine.

The tertiary wastewater treatment system offers the most advanced treatment methods of wastewater. While the system is costlier than the others, it provides the best water cleaning services, and you can readily use the water for other needs.

If you are outsourcing wastewater treatment service, confirm the specific method which the firm uses. Also, learn the pros and cons of using each technique so that you can make the right decision.

In some cases, it might be helpful to combine more than one wastewater treatment method. Professionals should help you choose the right one based on your needs.

3. The Costs

“How much does the wastewater treatment process take?” This is a common concern to every company looking forward to treating wastewater.

There is no exact answer to the cost question, but you can get estimates depending on several factors. Here are the main factors which determine the costs of water treatment:

The Company You Hire

Some companies charge more than others. Before you choose, be sure to get different pricing quotes from several companies. The price quotes will help you choose the most affordable option for your budget.

The Characterization of the Wastewater Treatment

Does the water contain all types of solid and liquid contaminants? Do you need it to be treated using advanced systems? If yes, then you will need to pay a little more for the best service.

Transport and Installation

Installation and transport rates vary according to the location. If your firm is located miles away from the systems manufacturer or the firm you are outsourcing, you will probably pay higher shipping costs.

Other hidden costs include the tax for installing the waste treatment system, local government costs, utility bills for using the septic tank system, and much more.

At times, you may incur maintenance and monitoring costs, mainly if the system is installed in your plant’s compound. Write all the costs and carry out a cost valuation analysis to make an informed choice.

4. The Expertise and Reputation

Don’t outsource any wastewater treatment service without checking the experience level and reputation. How many years has the water treatment firm been in the industry? What about the contractors? Are they experienced enough?

Remember that the wastewater treatment process is quite costly, and the wrong choice can make you lose your hard-earned cash.

As with the experience, you should also confirm the reputation of wastewater treatment providers. You can know of the reputation by checking online reviews, either on Google or the company website.

You can also talk with the past clients of that firm and listen to their remarks regarding the wastewater treatment service. The background research may be tiresome and demanding, but it should help you get the best service.

5. Compliance

The best wastewater treatment firm is the one that prides itself on compliance with both the locality rules and environmentally friendly practices.

One sure way to confirm the compliance of the firm is to check the licenses. The operating permits should be in line with the state’s rules.

Besides the license, the ideal firm should be insured and have the right tools and equipment to do the work. These tools can range from working tools to safety and precaution equipment.

Suppose you work with people who understand the importance of been compliant and observing the right environment-friendly methods. In that case, you will risk getting in trouble with your local government, plus you will avoid many health hazards.

Let a Wastewater Treatment Expert Help You

It’s each firm’s responsibility to treat its water waste to safeguard the public and the environment. If you would like to improve your wastewater disposal method, find the best wastewater treatment to help you.

The right professional should test your wastewater and recommend the ideal system to use for the treatment.

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